Posted on 19 February, 2018 at 21:40

Customers often let us know that one of the real advantges of funeral insurance is that the premiums are set at the time the policy starts. So they know exactly how much the funeral plan premiums will be when they choose to purchase the insurance. There are no annual increases as you get older and no unexplained increases because the insurance company suddenly makes a change to their premiums.

Insurance clients aged 60 plus are the most heavily affected by age related increases to premiums with life insurance and health insurance in particular, so the certainty of funeral insurance premiums is very benefical to them. Funeral Insurance cover has a big advantage over other insurances because the ongoing premiums are known upfront with no hidden surprises. You can then make an easier decision whether to buy a funeral cover or not knowing this at the start. .

A further reason for funeral cover NZ to be so attractive is how easily it is to obtain. Funeral Insurance is guaranteed acceptance for NZ citizens and residents who now live in New Zealand. You just need to meet the age entry points of the insurer for your application to be accepted. You are not asked about your medical history or any other criteria that will influence whether funeral cover can be accepted or not. This is different to life insurance and health insurance that asks for full disclosure of all lifetime medical matters.

Funeral Insurance applications are easy. Many funeral plans can be applied for online and if not then it is a simple one page type application form.

Funeral Cover customers also appreciate that the claims are paid out as a lump sum to your chosen person very promptly. Typically within 48 hours of all required documentation being supplied to the insurer the claim proceeds are in the hands of your beneficiary so they can pay the funeral expenses promptly and without any stress.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ