Posted on 9 May, 2017 at 6:15

There are a lot of providers of Funeral Insurance in New Zealand so the ability to easily compare their products and premiums is of significant value to a consumer. A funeral cover comparison quickly allows you to see the difference in cover between one funeral cover and another.

Funeral Plans, while largely based on the same idea, ie a cash payment to assist with funeral expenses do differ between quite a bit from one insurer to the next. In fact unless you spend a few hours surfing the net and browsing all the various insurer websites you will never know what is out there and who provides what!.

The team at Funeral Insurance New Zealand provide a specialst Funeral Insurance comparions site. We are aware of the funeral cover provided by up to 10 insurers at one time. We have an easy to read, two page comparison chart, for your information that you can view here.

Funeral Plan premiums especially differ from one insurer to the next, this is just about competition and based on their own claims history.  So it pays to check out at least 3 insurers to see what they offer policy and premium wise. Do not just go with the first one you come across just becaue you see them advertising every day. The big names are not necessarily the best as Funeral Insurance NZ is a niche market with policies provided by some insurers who are not so well known. They may just specialise in Funeral Plans and are really good at it.

So compare polices and premiums for funeral covers and reap the rewards with a great cover ideal for your needs.