Posted on 14 July, 2017 at 5:20

About 5 years ago we arranged a funeral cover for Viliami who was 67 year old and living in Auckland. His wife had died a year earlier and he was now living with his son and family. The family did not have funeral insurance for Viliami’s wife and the costs associated with the funeral were close to $20000 as there some family members from Samoa who wanted to attend the funeral in New Zealand but needed help with money for fights. Viliami and close family mainly borrowed from other family and also needed a high interest personal loan as well.

So sadly, on top of the loss of a wife and mother the family also had a loan for 3 years to worry about too. To prevent this situation again funeral cover was arranged for Viliami. His son assisted with the paperwork (but Viliami had to sign as the person being insured) and he was also shown as the nominated beneficiary. The son also set himself up as the person to make the premium payments but other family were going to pay in his bank account to share the cost. The funeral cover insurance was taken for $20000 as they knew that again they would need to help some Samoa based family fly to New Zealand for the ceremony as well as paying for all other costs. The monthly premiums were affordable for the extended family to pay and they then had peace of mind for the future.

We heard recently that Viliami had passed away. But his son did call us sometime after the funeral to let us know that the funeral insurance money had come through within a few days and that it had helped everyone so much when they were trying to cope with all the other sadness with his fathers passing.

It is quite common that with Pacific Island families they experience quite high funeral costs because of the expense to bring family members from overseas. Funeral Insurance is of great benefit to help pay for this. And as funeral insurance premiums can be paid by any family member it is easy to arrange cover and have various family member helplng in the cost of the insurance.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ