Posted on 14 August, 2017 at 2:55

Paying for your funeral cover NZ by direct debit is the only option most funeral insurers offer. But many people on a fixed superannuation or lower income find this option unsatisfactory to fit in with their budgetting. It also seems that the older we get the more we prefer to manage payments such as insurance ourselves. There seems a mistrust in direct debits and it also does not allow for the same level of flexibility to the customer.

One of the funeral insurance NZ providers we often find is on our list of recommendations will allow you to pay your funeral cover by internet banking or an automatic payment. The premiums are no more than if you pay by direct debit but it allows you to be in control. The only requirements on you is to make your premium payment before the end of the month it is due. Other than that you can make it any time to fit in with your salary, superannuation or to work around any bllls you might have, especially those unforeseen ones that might have otherwise cause a direct debit to fail.

For many people buying funeral insurance this is very beneficial. If you complete our online enquiry form below we will be sure to include details about this payment option (and insurer) when we respond with funeral plan premium quotations, recommendations and any other general information.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ