Posted on 15 September, 2017 at 6:20

Good news!, making a funeral insurance claim is really easy. But it needs to be right? at that time the last thing you want is any hassle from any insurance company. Funeral Insurance is designed to be simple right from the quoting and application stage to the claim stage.

When the funeral cover is first arranged you will have nominated a beneficiary which will typically be your spouse, son, daughter or trusted friend. We encourage people to provide a copy of the funeral insurance policy to the beneficiary, together with some thoughts on their funeral plans, so that the beneficiary can take immediate action come claim time.

The beneficiary in the first instance should ring the insurance company and advise the policy details and confirm the insured person has passed away. The insurance company will assist, and from our experience in a compassionate and fair manner. Typically they will send you an email with a short ist of requirements.

In fairness to the insurance company they will need some speciifc information to meet the legal requirements to justify a claim. One helplful thing is that funeral insurance is not dependant on medical disclosure so there is virtually no reason why any sort of ‘non disclosure’ issue can arise from when the policy was issued. Your beneficiary will need to provide sufficent, legal, evidence of the death. A death certificate is the number one, and best, document to provide but that is not always available immediately. In most instances the insurer will also accept a letter from the presiding Specialist.

As it is a legal matter a claim from will need completion, but is it a simpe one, and also evidence the prove the beneficiary is the ‘true’ person ie just to prove you are the person nominated at the time the policy commenced. You will probably be asked for your passport or drivers license.

Other than that it should be simple, simple!

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ