Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Funeral Cover - amongst the leading Funeral Insurance NZ providers. Compare many funeral insurance options here

Who are you considering as you think about some possible funeral cover? Cigna Funeral Cover, AA Funeral Plan, State Insurance Funeral Insurance, Pinnacle Life, Sovereign Insurance, Fidelity Life, AMI, WINZ approved, Westpac, ANZ?

We can promptly send you one simple email with information on 10+ funeral insurers.

Funeral Insurance is guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked, available for anyone aged 16-85, provides covers from $5000 to $30000 and makes prompt payout to your nominated beneficiary so they can pay your funeral costs. The application processes are very easy with online options or 1-2 paper forms available.

While the Cigna Funeral Cover, State Insurance Funeral Insurance and the AA Funeral Cover are well known options they are by no means the only options for you to consider. Cheaper and more comprehensive options are available, ask us today about these and other options.

Please complete the enquiry form and let us provide even more options for you. We will also include details of our unique 3 month cashback offer (if eligible).  

As well as some big name brands also add Pinnacle Life, Greenwich Life, Legacy Life as the smaller or niche insurers that have specialist funeral plans.

While the funeral covers NZ all have a common theme, ie a cash payment made on death to assist with funeral costs, the policies are not all equal.

To view a product comparison chart of many of the leading funeral plans click the ‘Funeral Insurance New Zealand’ image above.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email shortly.
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