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What is 50 Plus Insurance?
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This is a generic term often given to life insurance or funeral insurance for those aged 50 and over. Some insurance plans have branded this name too.

If you are in the age group 50 plus, the type of life insurance needed could vary significantly based on your age. If you have debt you may still require a reasonable size life insurance but if aged 65 plus a simple funeral plan to help with your funeral expenses may be all you need. For a fuller explanation as to whether life insurance or funeral insurance is best for you click here.

What is funeral insurance and why do I need funeral cover?

Funeral Insurance provides a cash sum to your nominated beneficiary to cover your funeral expenses when the time comes. It is designed to ease the financial pressures that may often otherwise fall to a surviving partner or your wider family.

You can select the level of funeral cover you need (and can afford) for your funeral expenses. Click on the logo the left to view a wide range of questions and answers about funeral plans.

How much funeral cover do I need? and what age do you have to be to buy a funeral plan?

A Funeral cover can range from $5000 to $30000 but the vast majority of policies we sell are to people who feel that $7500 or $10000 will be ample. Those with significant funeral requirements or who may wish to use funds to help family fly in from out of town may require more funeral cover. You can choose the level of cover.

Anyone aged 16 to 85 can buy funeral insurance, levels differ from a range of providers of funeral plans.

Funeral Insurance or Life Insurance for me?

If you are aged 50-55 or younger you may find standard life insurance is a viable option to funeral insurance if you are in good health. If healthy you may find life cover provides more cover for less than funeral plans. But there is a downside in the more medium to long term as the life insurance premiums will rise each year whereas the funeral cover premiums are fixed for life with no annual increases as you get older.

Click on the logo to the left for a far more comprehensive comparison between the two covers.

Funeral Insurance Comparison NZ / Funeral Cover Comparisons

There are numerous providers of funeral plans in NZ. Each insurer has subtle differences in their covers and it can be almost impossible for the average person to be able to know what all the differences are even if you spend hours surfing the internet viewing all the various funeral cover sites.

We recommend that before you purchase a funeral cover you view a comprehensive funeral insurance comparison chart. Click on the logo to the left to view our funeral insurance comparisons chart.

How easy is the Funeral Cover claims process?

Funeral Insurance is designed to be simple. That is why there are no health questions asked when you buy funeral plans, it removes all the possible issues around non-disclosure and the need to painfully review all medical information relating the death.

So typically a claim will be paid to your beneficiary within 48 hours of evidence of death being provided.

Who are the main providers of Funeral Plans in New Zealand?

The most well known funeral insurance providers are probably Cigna Life and AA Life who advertise frequently on television. But just because they are the names you hear the most often does not make them the only, or best, funeral cover. Other  more niche funeral covers through Pinnacle Life, Greenwich Life, Fidelity Life provide excellent variation to the standard funeral plans and should be considered.

Click on the logo to the left to view our funeral insurance comparison chart.

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