Posted on 3 November, 2017 at 4:10

Firstly we have to say we are not funeral directors so we cannot provide advice on how much a funeral for your specific requrements will cost. Several sites show what they call average funeral costs but really that is next to useless for you as your funeral needs will be unique. So, to ascertain the likely cost of your funeral please talk only to a funeral director in your area.

We have learnt that costs can range significanty and this is to be expected as some people will have extremely basic requirements while others will have many specific expectations which may push the cost up.

For this reason insurers offer a range of cover from $3000 to $30000. Now not all insurers offer the full range, some may offer offer a range in between, for example Pinnacle Life provide cover from $7500 to $25000. Cigna Funeral Insurance can range from $3000 to $30000 so dependant on your requirements some insurers will be options while others simply not as they do not offer the cover you want.

Knowing the cost of your likely funeral is only one step in determining the level of cover. You also have to consder whether you require any extra to cover incidental costs such as clearing some small debt such as a loan or credit card. Some people also allow a ittle extra amount to assist family to travel, it is quite common now that families are scattered across NZ or maybe in the islands or Australia (or beyond).

We can guide you, if you want a certain level of cover we can advise which funeral cover proviers can assist. When we quote for you we typically provide you with a range of cover amount levels. We do this because while you may prefer a certain level of cover it may be outside your budget, so we include a range to allow you options in order to suit you financally. Some customers do ending up taking a lower level of cover than ideal to meet budget considerations and we totally accept that is better than more cover at all.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ