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Below we have included some questions people ask us about Funeral Insurance in New Zealand.

We hope this general information will help you get more of an understanding about funeral cover.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email shortly.

Can funeral insurance NZ be purchased online without the need to complete a paper form?

Most definitely, many insurers allow this so your policy can be issued immediately. Most also allow your payment method to set up online as well.

How easy is it to later change a funeral insurance policy beneficiary?

Easy, most insurers will have a standard form to complete, just complete, sign and return. This can be done at any time in the future and we have never heard of a cost being charged.

What funeral insurance cover amounts typically exist?

As a rule the offered covers levels are $5000 to $30000 although there is the odd exception to go higher or lower. From our experience over 80% of our clients choose a cover amount between $7500 and $10000. Those customers mostly seem to believe that the majority of their funeral expenses are covered within these levels.

With funeral cover NZ applications do you disclose past health issues?

Funeral Insurance is guaranteed acceptance with no requirement for you to disclose health issues either at the time of application or anytime in the future.

How easy is it to nominate, and potentially alter later, a funeral insurance policy beneficary?

At the time you take out the funeral cover you nominate the beneficiary; it can be anyone but usually people choose their spouse or an adult son or daughter. At any time in the future you can nominate someone else by simply advising your insurer in writing.

What is the best age to arrange funeral insurance?

In reality the majority of people taking out funeral insurance are aged 60 plus but this is more because people start planning ahead for future events around that age. But as funeral cover premiums are based on your age at the time of policy commencement (and are then fixed for life) the premiums are lower the younger you are. So, financially the best time to buy is in your 40’s to 50’s but for many this is seen as too early.  There is no other simple answer to this.

Can funeral insurance premiums be paid monthly by internet banking or automatic payments?

Yes, we can arrange this for you at Pinnacle Life at no extra cost. We are not aware of any other major insurer who allows this.

Can I have more than one funeral insurance current at the same time?

You can have as many funeral cover policies as you wish, but individual insurers may limit the number of polices or amount of cover just with them. But it is normally cheaper to have one policy of, say, $25000 than two of $10000 and $15000.

Is your funeral insurance advisory service free and no obligation?

Yes, you will never pay us a cent for our advice or any information we provide. We help you in hassle-free but thorough manner.

Who can buy Funeral Insurance in New Zealand?

Any NZ citizen or resident residing in NZ aged 30 to 85 can buy a Funeral Cover Plan with no health questions asked now or ever.

Who are the leading Funeral Plan insurers in NZ?

Pinnacle Life, Cigna Life, AA Life, Partners Life, Legacy Life (AIA), Fidelity Life, AMI and State are amongst the leading insurers. But each insurer has different policy features and premiums.

Can I buy funeral cover online ie not signing something later?

Yes, funeral plans can be bought online with a number of leading NZ funeral insurance providers. They have online applications where the policy is issued on the spot. Or paper application forms are simple.

What cover amounts are available for Funeral Covers in NZ?

Across a range of NZ funeral insurance providers you can obtain cover for amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000. You can use the money for any purpose including to clear debt or to pay for people to travel.

Who can be nominated as the Funeral Insurance beneficiary?

You can nominate anyone to be your beneficiary and also change at any future time. Most commonly people name their spouse or one of their adult children. But it can also be a trust or similar.

Are all funeral insurance policies in NZ the same?

While loosely similar, some insurers do have unique policy benefits that may be attractive to you. Certainly premiums differ widely between insurer to insurer so a comparison of numerous insurers is sensible.

Can I get funeral insurance discounts with my domestic covers?

No, as a rule. Some house, contents, car insurers may offer funeral plans but normally through another entity, for example AA funeral plans are underwritten by Asteron.

Why do Funeral Cover Plans have a stand-down period?

As cover is guaranteed with no health questions asked, covers have a stand-down period to prevent those who are very unwell from taking out a funeral cover and then claiming within a potentially short time.

Do some funeral plans become free after a certain time or age?

Yes, there are funeral cover options where premiums cease at age 85 or age 90 with cover then free thereafter. Or there is a funeral fund where premiums are paid for 10 years only.

What cover amounts are available for Funeral Covers in NZ?

Across a range of NZ funeral insurance providers you can obtain cover for amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000. You can use the money for any purpose including to clear debt or to pay for people to travel.

Do my parents have to sign the funeral cover application?

Typically they do have to sign the funeral cover application, as the insured person, but if they cannot (or will not) there are some options where you can sign as the policy owner instead.

How easy is it to buy Funeral Insurance?

Funeral Plans are probably the easiest insurances to buy with their guaranteed acceptance and options to buy with easy online applications or just as simple one or two page paper forms.

Funeral Insurance comparisons are readlily available where?

To compare Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Life Funeral Cover features and acceptance criteria against any other funeral insurance plans you can view our easy to read 2 page comparison chart here. We are not aware of any other similar chart on any NZ website.

What is the easiest way to compare funeral insurance plans?

Rather than checking every insurer website individually it is best to use a specialist funeral insurance advisor (like us!) . We can provide you with an easy to read chart that compares up to 12 insurers at one time.

How quickly is Funeral Insurance NZ paid out after death?

Insurers aim to pay claims within 24-48 hours of being provided with all necessary proof of death. So, as long as evidence can be provided promptly so too can the claim settlement be made promptly.

Can funeral cover NZ premiums be paid weekly?

We are not aware of any funeral covers in NZ you can pay weekly. There are some options for fortnightly but only by direct debit or  monthly by direct debit, internet banking or credit card.

Do you have to be a NZ citizen to buy Funeral Insurance NZ?

Typically to purchase funeral insurance in New Zealand you must currently reside in NZ and be either a NZ citizen or permanent resident. We are not aware of any exceptions.

Can a funeral insurance policy be cancelled at any time?

You can cancel your funeral insurance at any time for no cost by sending a written request signed by the persons being insured or the policy owner. No money back applies on currently sold policies. Bur it may able to be reinstated if you later fall outside new age criteria.

If I am currently aged 80 plus can I still buy funeral insurance?

You have far less options at age 80 plus and premiums will be sky high. But Partners Life is still an option. But after age 85 there are no options at all.

Are funeral cover plan premiums fixed for life?

Generally, for all currently sold funeral insurance policies this is the case. Some do come with promotional discounts for the first 12 or 24 months though as a sales incentive.

Are Cigna Funeral Cover and AA Funeral Plans the only ones?

No, far from it. While quite high profile funeral insurance plans they are just two of many out there. All slightly different in terms of their covers  and premiums. Be sure to compare at least 3 plans before buying.

How can I access a funeral insurance comparison NZ chart?

On this site, Funeral Insurance NZ, there is a tab titled Funeral Insurance Comparison, so you want to view a simple 2 page chart comparing Funeral Covers then this will be very helpful.

Can I have more than one funeral insurance policy?

You can have as many funeral plans as you want with as many insurers as you want. But as a rule best to take one policy with a higher cover.It is cheaper than having multiple policies.

Why do some NZ life insurers not sell Funeral Insurance?

Many of the biggest NZ life insurers do not actively promote funeral cover as they instead concentrate on life insurance.  Funeral Plans are typically provided by a niche area within the insurance industry.

If I am aged under 30 can I buy Funeral Insurance?

Very few options exist if you are under 30. This is because life insurance is likely far better value for you in terms of cover amount and premiums.

Can I alter the nominated beneficiary on my funeral insurance?

At any time, and for free, you can advise the funeral cover insurer of a new beneficiary to receive the claim proceeds from your funeral insurance. Usually you just need to drop them a written request.

Can I buy funeral insurance for my mother?

You can certainly do most things for her, all the legwork like getting quotes and you can be the nominated beneficiary and pay the premiums. But your mother would need to sign the application form or be present to sign an online declaration if you help with doing online.

Can I get funeral cover NZ of $5000?

A number of funeral plan providers start their cover levels from $5000 so these are easy to find for you. It is dependant on your age but if you complete our enquiry form we include $5000 options where available.

Can you cancel the funeral insurance at any time in the future?

Yes, any insurance type, funeral insurance included, can be cancelled by you at any time in the future (for any reason. But be aware there is no cash value returned, everything paid to date is then lost.

Can I decrease my funeral insurance cover at any time?

Yes, no problem to do this, you would just need to advise the insurance company in writing. The exception would be if you are already at their lowest sum insured level already.

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