In New Zealand, there are many options for funeral insurance so choosing one for your funeral cover can be something of a minefield. There are the larger insurers such as AA Life, Cigna Life, State Insurance, Partners Life and Fidelity Life but equally there are options from smaller, newer, or niche, insurers such as Pinnacle Life, Legacy Life and Greenwich Life. Plus there are numerous others that in some circumstances may be worth considering too.

Banks may sometimes promote funeral covers but usually just by having a branded product handled by an insurance company. Some of the biggest life insurers like Sovereign, AXA, AMP either do not sell funeral cover or it is largely hidden away somewhere as a low priority.

But it is important to know that each insurer will have different cover benefits, varying age entry points, varying sum insured levels and, significantly, wildly varying premiums.

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The only real way to make an informed decision on the best funeral plan option for you personally is to compare a number of different insurers. It is common that people buy one of the first options they see but invariably that will not be the best for them. We strongly recommend you consider the policy benefits and premiums of at least 3 funeral plan providers before making any purchase. Unlike car and house insurance this is not an insurance type you can easily change from year to year due to any stand down period and the manner in which premiums are fixed at the age you commence the funeral cover.

Use a New Zealand funeral insurance comparison site to quickly show you all the options in one place. Such a site will show which funeral plans you are eligible for, what cover amounts each insurer offer and any product benefits. Once you consider that information you can then factor in the premiums as well. The best option will likely become quite apparent at that time.

For detailed comparison information from more than 10 funeral plans including the Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Plan and others please click here.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ