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The team at Funeral Insurance NZ are leading experts in funeral cover in New Zealand with access to many popular funeral plans that are designed to suit any customer and budget.

Leading funeral insurance plans include Cigna Funeral Cover , AA Funeral Plan, Pinnace Life Funeral Cover, Fidelity Life Funeral Fund, Greenwich Life Funeral Plan and those provided by State Insurance, Partners Life, AMI Insurance amongst others.

Funeral covers exist for those aged 16-85 and with cover amounts typically ranging from $5000 to $30000. Funeral Insurance acceptance is guaranteed with premiums that are fixed for life. Claims are paid as a tax free cash amount to your nominated beneficiary within 24-48 hours of your required claim evidence being provided.

Funeral Insurance is a perfect option to ensure a cash sum to pay for your funeral expenses is quickly available. This relieves your loved ones of the added stress of meeting these significant costs within a short time of your passing.

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Questions for Funeral Insurance NZ?

A quick general guide to funeral insurance in New Zealand

  • Acceptance is guaranteed – no health questions asked (ever!)
  • Premiums are usually fixed for life, no age related increases
  • Covers range from $5000 to $30000
  • If you are aged 16-85 you qualify for funeral cover NZ
  • Claims are paid to nominated beneficiary within 48 hours of claim acceptance
  • To apply you must be a NZ citizen or resident and currently live in NZ
Who are some of the leading funeral cover providers in New Zealand?
Funeral Cover Insurers Funeral Cover Insurers Entry age at time of policy being issued?Funeral cover levels available?
Pinnacle LifeTo age 85 then free30 to 75$7500 to $25000
AA LifeTo age 90 then free50 to 79$5000 to $30000
Cigna Life To age 90 then free 45 to 80$5000 to $30000
Fidelity LifeFor 10 years only16 to 64$12000 only

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How are funeral insurance premiums calculated and how can they be paid?

  • Premiums are based on your age at the time of policy issue, your sex and smoker status
  • Most funeral plan insurers allow a discount of up to 20% for a joint application
  • The premiums increase the higher levels of cover you select
  • Premiums are typically paid monthly although some can be paid fortnightly
  • Options exist to pay by direct debit, internet banking / automatic payment or credit card

Most commonly asked funeral insurance questions and answers

Q. What can the funeral cover claim money be used for?
A. Anything…. The claim is paid as a tax free cash amount so your beneficiary can use for any funeral related expense

Q. Can I apply for funeral insurance on behalf of my parents?
A. You can certainly help them with just about anything but they do need to sign the application forms or be present to sign/tick any online application. You can be the beneficiary and make the premiums payments.

Q. What are the most commonly requested funeral cover amounts?
A. Based on applications from our clients about 40% are for $7500 and about 35% for $10000

Q. Do funeral plan premiums increase each year?
A. Premiums are generally fixed at the time of the policy commencement; they do not increase yearly based on your new age. Some insurers, who we do not sell for, reserve the right to increase their premiums if their claims experience goes bad (avoid such covers at all costs!)

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An example of how funeral insurance helped one of our clients

A client, from a large Samoan family, purchased cover for his father. Previous to this his mother had passed away and she had no life or funeral insurance in place. The funeral costs had placed a huge burden on the extended family.

Cover for the father was taken out for $25000 as it was expected that a number of family members from Samoa would wish to attend and their travel costs would be significant on top of the already high funeral costs. A number of family members contributed to paying the premiums to make it more affordable for our client.

A number of years later we did hear the father had passed. The funeral insurance, we were told, had covered virtually all the costs and the family was very relieved to have had such cover.

A little about Funeral Insurance claim payments

The whole concept of funeral insurance is that it is meant to be easy. Everything from guaranteed acceptance, fixed for life premiums, simple applications right through to the claim process is straightforward.

When you set up the funeral plan policy you will nominate a beneficiary. On your passing the cover amount will be paid to that beneficary as a tax free cash payment.

The money will usually be paid within 24-48 hours of necessary evidence of your passing; often this is best by a death certificate or in some cases a certified document from your Specialist.

How much does it cost for a funeral in New Zealand?

Often insurance advisors get themselves in a pickle by offering their opinions on the likely cost of a funeral. So, we do not go there! We always recommend you discuss your specific requirements with a funeral director. Only they can give you an accurate estimate of likely costs.

What we can tell you though is that about 75% of our clients have themselves chosen $7500 or $10000 cover after their own investigations.

What are some other things about funeral insurance that might be important to know?

  • Applications forms are typically 1-2 pages only; really easy. Or you can apply, and be accepted instantly, online in a matter of minutes with most funeral insurers.
  • Sometimes for those aged 55 or less (and maybe even older in some cases) it may be that standard life insurance is an option if your health is really good. You will encounter problems with high premiums as your age though, this is the long term downside to taking life insurance specifically to cover your funeral expenses. Some advisors recommend life insurance with fixed premiums to age 80 but our big problem with that is what then happens at age 80? You will likely have to cancel because of huge premium; that’s what.
  • Some funeral insurers only deal directly with customers; for example the Cigna Funeral Cover and AA Funeral Plan fall in to this category so insurance advisors cannot arrange the covers with them.  Although some advisors, including ourselves, do provide comparative information that includes these insurers so that customers are informed of all such options.
  • During the first two years of any funeral plan there is no cover if you die as a result of natural causes. If, however, you pass away during this period 100% of the premiums you paid will be refunded. You are covered for death by accident from the date of policy commencement. The reason for the two year stand-down is because the cover is guaranteed acceptance and this ensures persons who are already very sick cannot just insure and have a claim paid soon after.
  • Depending on your age at the time the policy commences and on your passing, you may pay more in premiums that your funeral cover amount provides. But likewise if you pass away earlier than the average life expectancy you may have paid only a fraction of the amount you will receive from your claim.
  • Most funeral plans come with a 30 day free look period. So if you change your mind, for any reason, you can cancel in this time. If you have paid any premiums during that period they will be refunded.

If you would like our assistance to arrange funeral cover we would be pleased to help. Our service is free and no obligation. Any funeral insurance premiums we quote are guaranteed no more than if you contact any of the insurers directly.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email shortly.
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Questions for Funeral Insurance NZ?

Our resident funeral insurance expert is Paul Woollams who has over 30 years insurance management experience. Paul will be happy to assist you to find the most ideal funeral cover for your specific requirements.

Our service is free and no obligation. We operate 24/7 for your convenience.