Posted on 29 July, 2017 at 3:05

If you do a quick funeral insurance search of google NZ you will see 3 funeral cover NZ providers close to the top of page 1 nearly all the time. Cigna Funeral Insurance (or Cigna Funeral cover), AA Funeral Cover and Pinnacle Life Funeral Cover are 3 of the dominant players on the area of Funeral Insurance online advertising. So let’s do a quick comparison of their products (where some obvious differences are known);

Cover levels and age entry points;

  • Cigna Funeral Insurance; ages 50 to 85, cover from $5000 to $30000
  • AA Funeral Cover; ages 50 to 79, cover from $5000 to $30000
  • Pinnacle Life Funeral Cover; ages 30 to 75, cover from $7500 to $25000

Premiums payable until what ages? (then free thereafter)

  • Cigna Funeral Insurance; until age at claim time
  • AA Funeral Cover; until age 90
  • Pinnacle Life Funeral Cover; until age 85