Posted on 24 January, 2018 at 2:50

Where do you even start to decide the best funeral insurance NZ for you?. There are some very well known funeral insurance brands out there like the Cigna Funeral Insurance or the AA Funeral Plan, who advertise extensively (and in the case of Cigna Funeral Cover even winning an unflattering Fair Go award). But while they are well known brands with big advertising budgets they are by no means the only funeral insurance options out there.

A number of the biggest mainstream life insurers either do not sell funeral insurance or if they do it is tucked away in a corner somewhere not easily found as it is not their core business. In fact, some the best funeral cover NZ options to consider alongside the likes of AA Funeral Plan and Cigna Funeral Plan are the funeral plans offered by niche insurers. These are smaller, often not so well-known insurers who specialise in certain covers as opposed to offering every thing to every body.

The likes of Pinnacle Life, Legacy Life, Greenwich Life may fall in to this category. They each have funeral insurance policies that have a point of difference and may suit you better than the options only from the big players. The fact some insurers specialise in few products often means you get better products with unique policy benefits, more knowledgeable service and good premiums.

You may also get more user friendly payment options like internet banking / automatic payments (that are usually frowned upon by the biggest insurers) to go with the unique benefits. When choosing funeral insurance we always recommend you have a look at at least 3 funeral plans before deciding on who to insure with. Funeral Insurance premiums and policy benefits definitely do differ from insurer to insurer and you can save save significant money by spending a little extra time at the start reviewing the options.

We can help you with that too, our free service automatically provides comparative information for you as part of our standard service, We will provide product comparisons to help you. We have already done the running around so you do not have to. We will also reasearch, and advise you, of the best premiums from the extensive panel of NZ funeral insurance providers that we have access to.

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ