Posted on 2 October, 2017 at 19:35

If you watch a bit of day time day TV you are likely to have seen more than your fair share of ads for Funeral Insurance NZ, in fact ads such as some from Cigna Life for their Cigna Funeral Cover are not particularly well thought of. A recent ad for Cigna Funeral Insurance did not fair so well in the Fair Go best and worst ads but that was probably a bit harsh. It is not so much people that do not see value in funeral insurance it is likely just that people prefer not to have this topic shoved doen their throats in the manner those ads rightly or wrongly portray.  .

AA Life also advertise quite a bit on TV so between the AA Funeral Cover and the Cigna Funeral Insurance you are likely to think of those two insurers prominently when considering funeral insurance in NZ. But just because they have the big pockets for advertising does not necessarily mean they are the only, or best, options. While it is sensible to consider these insurers in any decision making you should also understand there are a number of other very good potential funeral plans available.

Funeral Insurance is often promoted by more niche, specialist, insurers. Some of the larger NZ insurers do not actively promote funeral cover or they sell a product under a different brand name. So, you do not often see the likes of Sovereign, nib, Tower, AMP promoting funeral cover NZ. They may have a product but you may not easily come across it which means they are not that keen on you buying it.

Some smaller, or niche, insurers such as Pinnacle Life, Greenwich Life, Legacy Life come in to play as options that are worth adding to the mix when deciding on your funeral insurance. They all have unique features and pricing so are often good alternatives to the likes of the Cigna Funeral Cover or the AA Funeral Cover.

For a full comparison of these, and other, funeral covers please view the funeral insurance comparison page of our website. .

Paul Woollams, Funeral Insurance NZ