50 Plus Funeral Insurance - for ages 50 to 75, no tests, guaranteed acceptance, buy online in 10 minutes
50 Plus Funeral lnsurance (ages 50 to 75)
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If you are aged 50 plus, you may only require insurance cover for your funeral expenses. rather than a full life insurance. Funeral expense covers tend to range from $5000 to $25000 (please note that insurers differ on their age entry points and levels of cover). You select the cover level required which will the be paid promptly on your passing.

We can assist with funeral covers where the policy acceptance is guaranteed if you meet the age entry point, currently live in New Zealand and are a NZ citizen, resident or have a work visa for at least 2 years.

You do not have to complete any medical tests and no health questions are asked when you apply. Applications are quick and easy, especially if you complete online.

Please complete our online enquiry form, we are open 7 days until 11pm. We will then review covers, premiums and email a recommendation for the ideal 50 plus funeral insurance. In the event you are aged under 50 you may still feel free to complete the form and we will provide alternative insurance options that may suit better.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide quotes and comparative information by return email shortly.
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