funeral insurance new zealand - compare funeral cover plans   

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Funeral Insurance Quick Tips

Acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked - ever

The younger you are the lower the funeral insurance premiums

Funeral Plan premiums do not increase yearly as you age

You have to be a citizen or resident to get NZ Funeral cover

Many people look to replace life cover with Funeral cover post 65 

Select enough cover for your funeral but make sure it is affordable 

Options exist to sign up funeral cover on behalf of close family

Premiums are based on your age now, don't delay or it costs more 

Insurers differ on premiums so you must compare numerous options 

Package discounts of up to 20% apply on funeral insurance

It is better to have some funeral cover than nothing, buy what you can

Buy Funeral Cover at the youngest age for low long term premiums 

Your funeral insurance is paid in cash so can be spent as required  

Check our funeral insurance comparison NZ chart before you buy   

Funeral cover can start from just $3000 but more cover the better

Compare at least 3 funeral plans before choosing your funeral cover

Make sure to give your beneficiary all your funeral insurance details

Most customers asked for $7500 or $10000 funeral cover 

You can buy funeral insurance with premiums for 10 years only

Get at least 3 funeral cover quotes before deciding on your best option

Consider some of the niche funeral insurance options out there too


All funeral insurance providers have different policy benefits

You can get funeral cover if you are aged 30 to 85

Funeral Insurance cover amounts range from $5000 to $30000

Funeral Covers do exist where cover continues free after age 85

Apply online for immediate funeral insurance with some insurers

You can change your funeral plan beneficiary for free at any time

Some funeral plans come with 10% off for the first 24 or 48 months

No funeral plan we promote ceases completely at a certain age

Never insure with a company that ceases cover at certain ages

If you are 30-50 maybe life insurance is better than a funeral plan

Use a funeral insurance comparison chart to compare funeral plans 

Just because insurers are on TV a lot does not mean they are best

For very low funeral cover, like $5000 only try Cigna Life or AA Life

The top funeral plans are not just with leading insurers, niche better

New Funeral Plans are not available for those aged over 86

Funeral Plans NZ available from age 30 to age 85 no health questions

You can reduce your funeral cover NZ at any time for no cost, if needed

You can make funeral plan premium payments for your parents

Funeral Plans NZ are available where premiums are capped to cover 

You can later cancel funeral cover but buy with intention of keeping it  

You can change your funeral cover beneficiary later. if needed