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Funeral Insurance NZ

The Funeral Insurance NZ Helpline is a free New Zealand owned and operated advisory service here to help you find the best funeral cover plans currently available in NZ. We deal with up to 10 funeral plans so we are sure one of them will suit your policy and budgetary requirements. 

Our expert funeral cover service offers comprehensive comparison information so you can choose the best funeral insurance for you.  We guarantee any premiums we provide are no more than if you approach each insurer directly.

Funeral Insurance Plans are simple to understand and very easy to apply for with fixed premiums that do not increase each year as you age. Acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked, if you are currently aged between 30 and 85. Cover amounts commonly range from $5000 to $30000. Your NZ Funeral Cover Plan will pay your nominated beneficiary a cash payment so they can pay for your funeral expenses.   

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will promptly email you our 2 page chart comparing up 10 funeral insurance covers and we will also include a wide range of premium quotations from leading NZ funeral plans.  

Right now we are pleased to provide a 1 month cashback offer if you purchase a new funeral insurance policy through our links or supplied paper application forms within the next 10 days. This cashback is credited back you as soon as your first premium payment has been made.  

Let us compare Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral Cover, Partners Life Funeral Cover, Fidelity Life Funeral Fund and Golden Life plus funeral plans provided by State Insurance, AMI Insurance, Legacy Life / AIA and others.          

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Here is an real life example of how funeral insurance was of huge benefit to one of our customers. 

Our new customer had recently lost his wife and they had no funeral cover and only modest savings Virtually all his savings were spent on the funeral. Soon after, with the help of his family it was decided he should then have funeral insurance as the family were not well off themselves to handle the inevitable large costs of the father. The family chipped in to meet the monthly funeral plan premiums. 

We recently heard this gentleman had also passed away. The family let us know that they were grateful for the funeral insurance as it allowed them to meet all funeral costs easily and quickly and it was also enough to help some family members travel from Samoa at short notice.  

Funeral Insurance NZ Paul Woollams

Paul Woollams 

is our resident funeral insurance expert with over 35 years in the insurance industry. 

On call 24/7. 

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Funeral Insurance NZ is the proven expert in Funeral Cover in New Zealand with access to a wide range of top insurers and funeral plans at the lowest possible cost. 

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