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Funeral Insurance NZ - Leading NZ Funeral Insurance Plan experts - Compare and save! 

Funeral Insurance Cover Plans New Zealand

The Funeral Insurance NZ Helpline is a New Zealand owned and operated service here to help you find the best funeral cover plans currently available in NZ.

Our expert funeral cover service is free to you and offers comprehensive comparison information so you can choose the best funeral insurance for you.  

Funeral Insurance Plans are simple to understand and very easy to apply for. Acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked, if you are currently aged between 30 and 85. Cover amounts commonly range from $5000 to $30000.

Your NZ Funeral Cover Plan will pay your nominated beneficiary a cash payment so they can pay for your funeral expenses when the time comes.   

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will email you comparative quotes and policy information. 

Funeral Insurance - 5 simple reasons to consider a NZ Funeral Cover Plan;

  • Guaranteed acceptance if you are currently aged 30-85. Absolutely no health questions asked - ever
  • Cover yourself for any amount between $5000 and $30000 (varies by insurer) with cash paid within 24-48 of all proof being provided
  • Premiums are fixed when you commence the funeral cover, they do not increase yearly as you age
  • You nominate the beneficiary for your claim when you buy the funeral cover. The money is paid directly to them for your funeral costs
  • Depending on insurer it is very easy to apply online with your cover issued on the spot or with quick one page application forms 

Funeral Insurance NZ Paul Woollams

Paul Woollams 

is our resident funeral insurance expert with over 35 years in the insurance industry. 

On call 24/7. 

Looking for Funeral Insurance?

Funeral Insurance NZ is the proven expert in Funeral Cover in New Zealand with access to a wide range of top insurers and funeral plans at the lowest possible cost. 

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